Kathleen Paris


Kathleen A. Paris joined the Office of Quality Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison as a consultant in November, 1994. Prior to assuming the position, she was a management consultant for ten years specializing in strategic planning, program evaluation and training for continuous quality improvement.

Paris has provided strategic planning and process improvement facilitation to over seventy academic departments and administrative units. Her current interest is utilizing web technology for professional development and continuous improvement. The Academic Leadership Support site she has launched includes effective meetings, http://www.ohrd.wisc.edu/meetings/howto1.htm/.

The 2002 feasibility study for student e-Portfolios which she co-led, combined her interest in stakeholder-focused planning and using web technology most effectively for learning.

She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration in 1981 and has served as a senior lecturer for Educational Administration. Paris is a frequent presenter at UW-Madison Academic Leadership Series workshops and has spoken on strategic planning in higher education at national conferences such as The American Association of Higher Education (1996 and 1997), North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (1997), the national conference of the Society for College and University Planning (2000) and the annual National Consortium for Continuous Improvement (NCCI) conference in 2001. Paris's vita includes a number of publications on planning and improvement in higher education.