Kathe Pelletier


With more than 20 years of experience in higher education across areas such as academic advising, student success, curriculum design and competency-based education, Dr. Kathe Pelletier is currently the Director of the Teaching and Learning Program at EDUCAUSE. She brings an expertise for combining traditional higher education evidence-based practice with innovative delivery models. She has been recognized by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction for starting and scaling the first online Supplemental Instruction program, and she has also been recognized for a hybrid program and course framework that creates a structure for faculty that balances creativity, consistency, and quality. Kathe has accomplished such things as building an online student success center from scratch, establishing a competency-based curriculum model that became an anchor for a self-paced CBE program, developing an assessment and outreach system that delivered personalized resource recommendations to incoming students, and guiding faculty communities of practice.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Digital Transformation: Equipping Advisors for the Journey, Students for Success
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    Digital transformation (Dx) is a term that appears everywhere these days, especially as changes to the social, economic, technological, and demographic landscapes are accelerating. An intentional and strategic approach to Dx can create resiliency, flexibility, and relevance for higher education institutions as they face increasingly difficult challenges.

  • Student Voices
    • Multimedia

    Students speak about their academic experiences during the pandemic and how their institutions helped or hindered them along the way.

  • Techniques for Student Engagement
    • Multimedia

    What are some of the techniques and tools being used to engage students? A variety of instructors and technologists discuss their approaches to keeping students invested in their courses.

EDUCAUSE Presentations