Kathy Bergsma


In April of 1999, Kathy Bergsma became UF's first IT Security Coordinator. As UF IT Security Coordinator, she implemented a campus-wide network intrusion detection system, organized and chaired the committee that wrote the UF IT Security Policy, supervised the development of the UF security website, built an incident response team, and organized many security training events including UF Information Technology Security Awareness Day (ITSA Day). She is also an active member of Educause, an organization that focuses on IT security in higher education. From 2003 to 2010, Ms. Bergsma served in the highest ranking security position at UF, Information Security Manager. UFIT underwent a significant reorganization in 2010, hiring a CIO and CISO. Under the new CISO, Ms. Bergsma serves as the Information Security Risk Manager designing and implementing a new NIST-based risk program.

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