Kay Lipson


Kay Lipson is the Director of Strategy for Online Education Services (OES), a company established to challenge and advance the online education industry, providing a new student-centric approach to online education. Kay joined OES In July, 2011, as the inaugural Academic Dean, responsible for the design and delivery of the online student experience. Her understanding of pedagogy, and in particular the challenges facing an online student inform much of the current OES learning and support model. Kay has more recently moved into the role of Director of Strategy. In this role she pursues a growth and innovation agenda, exploring both for new opportunities for the company as well as initiatives which optimise the learning experience for all students. She has previously held roles at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Swinburne University of Technology, with her most recent academic role in leadership as Dean of the Faculty of Higher Education at Swinburne University of Technology. Kay’s academic discipline area is Statistics, and she holds a PhD in Education. She is a well-published author of mathematics text books, and has research interests in the areas of assessment and teaching with technology.

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