Keith Hartranft


CISSP, Information Security Practitioner, and former Professor whose responsibilities include planning, development and implementation of an effective information security program for the University. This includes the security of publicly available and administrative computing and communications systems and the integrity and privacy of any information maintained on these systems. Maintain and understand the legal issues pertaining to computing, networking, and telecommunications, and work with various University departments and committees to develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with these issues and to educate the University community on these issues. Implement campus wide security procedures and policies and develop a security awareness program.;; Operational responsibilities include: Monitoring and analyzing traffic crossing the network and associated traffic logs. Monitor traffic and logs for malicious activity including malware and email exploits. Provide for review and approval of primary Firewall exceptions and modification to those exceptions. Review and respond to network and host based IDS monitoring incidents and gather appropriate response teams. Monitor critical systems for signs of unauthorized activity and/or abuse. Assess device and system configurations for vulnerabilities. Advise and deploy systems with data encryption. Design and develop tools to improve prevention, detection, and response for systems and network security incidents and data loss. Also an NSF PI for Grant awards for Projects Based Learning initiatives and STEM Student Scholars. Presented at conferences and industry seminars that includes: delivery of Projects-Based Learning development and implementation to school districts and colleges, Computer Security to Wall Street West initiative companies and other commercial and municipal organizations, Optoelectronics training to over 600 technician and engineering personnel at Lucent/Agere and, traveling to and presenting fiber optics installation and maintenance seminars in Ukraine to industry and educational professionals. In addition, has also provided outreach to secondary schools in promoting careers and projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), has served as Business & Industry Liaison for the Technology Education Clusters, and has presented at numerous national and local conferences on Computer Security, Projects Based Learning, and new media student recruitment, retention, and engagement utilization.

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