Kelly Haley


 I am the User Awareness and Education Coordinator in Information Security at the University of Virginia. In this position, I bring a unique perspective combining technical skills with a strong focus on customer service. I have 25 years of higher education experience where I found that all users learn differently. My strongest attribute is transforming the jargon and technical explanations of complex security issues into easy-to-understand topics for the non-technical user.  I like to call this the “street view”. I approach education and awareness efforts using methods that are fun and engaging. Prior to the COVID pandemic, I created a mobile information security escape room, where I taught participants lessons on phishing, oversharing on social media, good password hygiene, and more. This project was completed using original puzzle ideas and a small budget.  During the pandemic, I had to quickly switch to an online format of the escape room and recreate my outreach approach.  My efforts are fueled by seeing that spark of interest in a user who doesn’t think they will ever be affected by malicious cybersecurity attempts.

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