Ken Connelly


I have served in progressively more advanced roles in IT at the University of Northern Iowa since 1983. I began my security role in 2000 and have been full-time security since 2007. EDUCAUSE things o I have attended the Security Professionals Conference every year since 2006. In that time, I have been a member of the Program Committee three times (2009, 2010, and 2015) and have served as an ad hoc proposal reviewer for the Program Committee this year. o I have presented on PGP Encryption at the Security Professionals Conference every year since 2009. This involves some background on the topic as well as organization of a PGP Key-signing event held at the conference. o I have recently co-authored an article on PGP for the ECAR site. REN-ISAC things o REN-ISAC is the Research and Education Network ISAC, a formal member of the Information Sharing and Analysis Centers formed under Presidential Decision Directive-63 in 1998. o UNI as an institution is the official member of REN-ISAC, but is represented by in all activities by individuals. I have been a REN-ISAC member since 2006 and have held various leadership roles within REN-ISAC during that time. + I served on the Program Committee for the annual REN-ISAC Member Meeting from 2008-2015, chairing the group several times during that tenure. + I was instrumental in the development of the Membership Committee during 2008-09 and served as the inaugural chair of the fully-formed committee in 2009-10. Due to the need to establish a committee with staggered terms, I left the committee after my year as chair. + The governance structure of REN-ISAC was determined to need substantial changes during the member meeting in 2013. In June 2013, I was one of two members elected to a transitional board to establish bylaws and a memorandum of agreement with the host organization, Indiana University. + When the transitional board concluded its work in the spring of 2015, elections to fill seats on a permanent Board of Directors were held. I was chosen by the REN-ISAC membership to serve a three-year term on the Board and then chosen by the Board to serve as Chair for the first year. I was recently re-elected to the chair position for a second year.

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    OpenPGP is a nonproprietary encryption suite that uses public key encryption to exchange e-mail messages and files (either e-mail attachments or files that might be exchanged via other means, e.g., web-based transfers) between individuals within and across institutions. OpenPGP can also secure files stored on mobile devices or in the cloud.

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