Ken Londoner Londoner


American actor and film director Ken Londoner had a lot of dreams while growing up. First he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon because he was quite fragile ad a kid, and prone to fractures. Then he traded this dream for becoming a basketball player. But all of this was forgotten when Ken Londoner enrolled at Columbia University’s Film and Visual Art program. Although he had no other option but to work as a seller, dancer and kid’s teacher in order to make ends meet, still he graduated as top of his class. Once university was over, Ken Londoner focused all of his time and energy in pursuing his passion for acting, starting with small episode roles, and working his way towards bigger and more significant ones. In 1990 he was given with what it turned out to be the greatest opportunity in his life, when he was called for the audition of the film Trespassing. After his brilliant performance in this film, the actor began earning more Hollywood roles, and that same year he earned two nominations by the Film Academy. Besides his noticeable success in Hollywood Ken Londoner didn’t give up on his love towards the theater and in 1995 he gave the audience some memorable performances appearing in several Broadway productions. His indisputable talent for acting and singing really came to notice in these roles, making the actor even more famous and appreciated by both audience and critics. Throughout his career, this amazing actor has been awarded with numerous awards and recognition not only nationally, but across the world.