Ken Janz


Kenneth Janz is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Information Officer at Winona State University (Masters granting institution of ~9,000 students). At Winona State Ken provides administrative oversight, guidance, and direction for all academic and administrative technology activities at the University. Ken received his B.S. in business administration along with a B.S.Ed. degree in business education and computer science education from Dickinson State University. He also holds an M.S. degree from North Dakota State University in educational administration with a specialization in educational technology. Finally, Ken holds a Ph.D. from Indiana State University in Higher Education Administration with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education. Prior to Ken'™s experience at Winona State, he worked at Indiana State University (Doctoral granting institution of ~12,000 students), where he served as the Director for the Center for Instruction, Research, and Technology, which assists a wide range of faculty from those involved in high performance computing and other high-end research technologies to those who are newly exploring the role of technology in their teaching. Ken has authored and managed over $8 million in grants and contracts in the area of educational technology. In addition, he has an established record of scholarship, which includes over 40 academic publications and 75 national and regional presentations, related to educational technology and strategies to apply new technologies in the teaching, learning, and research process. Follow Ken on Twitter at @thejanzman

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