Kennie Fyfe


Sales Leader | Coffee Connoisseur | Lover of Quotes

I’m grateful each day as I love what I do, collaborating with Education and Public Sector Leadership. I lead an amazing group of individuals at HP who are dedicated to the Public Sector and hold our brand and integrity at their core.

I have a passion for people, our planet and our communities and have found the ideal home in HP where these passions align perfectly with our organizations Sustainable Impact and DEI goals.
I value integrity, teamwork, diversity and inclusion or what we at HP call the HP Way - Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's pioneering management style of empowering employees, promoting innovation and treating each individual with consideration and respect. I’m inspired and proud to work for an organization who are reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion with the most diverse board of directors in the technology industry and honored with 1st place in Newsweek’s America's Most Responsible Companies the last 4 consecutive years ('20-'23).

Outside of the office I’m a proud husband and father of 4 boys who along with myself love soccer and are obsessed fans of an average Team in Scotland.
I’m a Head Soccer Coach (travel club) supporting our future leaders on their soccer journey.

”Live for yourself and you will live in vain; live for others, and you will live again.” Bob Marley