Kent Brooks


Kent Brooks is the IT Director at Casper College in Casper Wyoming, He provides leadership for administrative computing, academic computing, networking and voice services at Casper. He is a blogger on various technology topics for his own blog, a contributor to MoodleNews, and Wes Fryers Internationally acclaimed “Speed of Creativity” blog. He served as Chief Technology Officer/ Dean /Computer Coordinator at Higher Education Institutions in Oklahoma and New Mexico for nearly 20 years. While in New Mexico he was actively involved in the Los Alamos National Laboratory EDUNET program which sought to bring telecommunications technologies to the four corners area of the US. Kent has been heavily involved in numerous teacher-training projects and efforts to bring networking and telecommunications technologies to rural areas. Kent’s work interests include the acquisition of technology and training resources for rural underserved communities. More specifically his work interest and focus is on the “open” or “free” software movement and its impact on delivery of technological services in education.

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