Kim Thanos


Kim Thanos is the CEO and co-founder of Lumen Learning, a company that supports institutions to improve student success through the use of open educational resources and learning analytics. Through her work at Lumen Kim has assisted over 100 institutions in transitioning high-enrollment courses to use open educational resources, allowing students to have access to required course materials from day 1, and creating over $10 million in savings for students. Marquis projects include the courseware development for the Washington State community college’s CBE program, and the creation $0 textbook cost degree programs for the 23 colleges of the Virginia Community College System. Prior to creating Lumen Learning, Kim led the Next Generation Learning Challenges-funded Kaleidoscope Project. She has provided leadership, guidance and support to a broad range of collaborative and community source higher education initiatives including Kuali, DuraSpace, Opencast, Sakai and the Digital Preservation Network.

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