Kim Arnold


Kimberly Arnold is the Director of the Learning Analytics Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin--Madison. Her research interests include academic analytics and data mining, evaluation of educational impact of technology, and assessment of learning outcomes. Her work in the Learning Analytics field over the past eight years has established her as one of the leaders in the advancement of the field. In her current role, Kimberly is focusing on implementing predictive analytics at a system-wide level and providing leadership around systemic thinking around organizational capacity building for learning analytics. Before coming to UW Madison, Kimberly spent seven years at Purdue University doing research on various educational technologies, exploring pedagogical affordances, managing complex evaluation plans, and working on campus-wide initiatives for student success, most notably, Signals for Student Success. Kimberly has authored numerous academic papers; been cited in over 100 scholarly journals and proceedings; presented at over 20 conferences and educational meetings/symposia on her work and the Learning Analytics field generally; and had her work highlighted in numerous media outlets including the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. In 2012, Kimberly, along with her colleague John Campbell, was awarded a patent for their work on creating a system and method of using academic analytics of institutional data to improve student success. Over the years she has won many awards for her LA work. A select few: named innovators of the year (2011) by Campus Technology; Digital Education Achievement Award (2011); and Mira Award Finalist for Innovation of the Year (2010).

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