Kim Salazar


Kimlisa Salazar Duchicela is a History Faculty and Title V Director at Pima Community College’s Downtown Campus. She is also a Department Chair over Social Sciences at the Community Campus and responsible for staffing the majority of Pima’s online offerings for that department. As the director of the Students in the Center Title V grant, Kimlisa has been a driving force behind bringing faculty and technology together to enhance student retention at the campus. She runs an annual training program for faculty to teach them about student centered teaching and the newest advances in educational technology. She was instrumental in developing the campuses newest learning spaces and for the complete redesign of the campus Learning Commons which encompasses the library, tutoring, computer commons, and the writing center. Title V’s redesigned classrooms, known as Learning Studios, provide faculty and students with radically flexible, high tech, collaborative learning environments which engage 21st century learners. Kimlisa has a Masters of Latin American Studies with concentration in History, Political Science, and Geography from San Diego State University. She has done post-graduate work in History at University of New Mexico and also holds a Bachelor degree in International Business. Teaching since 1995, Kimlisa is among the first adopters of online modalities at her institutions and has done numerous presentations on technology in the classroom, best practices for driving change, online teaching, and on learning space development. In addition to her regular duties, she serves on the college’s online learning task force, is a faculty trainer for the colleges LMS, and has developed online courses. She is the recipient of Pima Community College’s Outstanding Faculty award for 2011.