Kiran Kodithala


Kiran Kodithala is he President and Chief Executive Officer of N2N Services Inc. N2N Services Inc. is one the leading solutions provider for delivering high quality services to HIgher Education. N2N provides services in the areas of Applications Development, Systems Integration, Project Management and ERP implementation services. Kiran brings a wealth of experience with his specific focus on Higher Education, Enterprise Architecture and contemporary tools and technologies. During his last 12 years of experience with Higher Education, Kiran has led several projects in various capacities as a Project Manager, Technical Lead and Enterprise Architect. Kiran has delivered presentations and attended several networking events to meet with industry leaders and understand their core constraints and driving philosophies. With a broad range of education and experience with ERPs and advanced tools and technologies, Kiran brings a unique wealth of experience perfectly suited for his latest venture : providing a comprehensive suite of Mobile applications specifically designed to enhance the lifetime of student, facility, staff, and alumni engagement in the higher education market place. Kiran leads a team with decades of collective higher education experience including : Service Oriented Architecture, SAAS, Mobile Enterprise. Kiran is a member of several boards and organizations like Open EAI, JA-SIG, and Identity Management working group. He and his team have also worked for many prestigious institutions including: the Northeastern University, University of Notre Dame, Southern University System, Wake Forest University, the University of San Francisco, Georgian College, Western Governors University, and DeVry, just to name a few. Kiran now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to being a Technology Evangelist, Kiran's passions outside of work include : family, Philanthropy and Green living. In addition to being a founder of N2N and other technology companies, Kiran is Founder and Chief Philanthropist of LaVya and My Green Earth Foundation.