Kirk Moore


Kirk Moore has been working in Higher Education Information Technology (IT) for over 25 years. He is currently the Executive Director of Innovation in Information Technology at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and is aspiring to be a CIO in Higher Education. During his IT career he has performed almost all positions within the IT department. Starting out has an application programmer then moved to server administrator, database administrator, Help Desk Manager, Network Administrator, Web Services Manager, Identity Manager and now Executive Director of Innovation. Kirk's undergraduate degree is in Computer Science and in 2012 he received his Masters of Public Affairs Degree from the University of Colorado. In 2005 Kirk decided to focus his IT career into the direction of IT Leadership and attended Computer World's CIO Bootcamp, in 2009 attended the Educause Institute Leadership Program and 2010 participated in the University of Colorado Excellence in Leadership program. My passion for IT has lead me to actively work toward and position myself for Leadership opportunities while continuing to keep technical skills. My talents involve leading IT teams to align with campus mission, vision and strategic objectives. This focus has evolved from my experiences, mentoring from other IT leaders, attendance at conferences, completing a Master's Degree, and participation in many leadership development programs. Kirk's leadership style is focused on building collaborative relationships with leadership, peers, campus constituents and vendors. Higher education and technology are currently in the process of a major paradigm shift. I believe the future of higher education will see more dependence on newly forming technologies. The successful IT department of the future must build an environment that is agile, flexible and responsive. The ideal environment will most likely be service oriented, secure, open and conducive to building new relationships and partnerships. In addition to his director's duties, Kirk is currently working on the Identity Management Team for the University of Colorado System and is leading the Identity Management project for his campus. This has been a multiyear project with many moving parts and involved a major learning experience. The first phase of Identity Management will roll out to the campus Spring 2016. I am excited to see how the university will benefit from a true identity Management solution. This will let students, Faculty and staff gain access to systems quicker including third party cloud solutions; and more importantly allow IT to de-provision users when they should not have access any longer. Kirk is enthusiastic to perform a presentation sharing his knowledge and experiences with Identity Management. Kirk's hobbies are music which allowed him to travel to Volgograd Russia and perform with a Russian symphony three different times and he still plays ice hockey two times a week. In conclusion, one of the key lessons of leadership I have learned is people tend to support what they have helped to create. In collaboration with others, I am proud to have helped in creating a positive campus IT culture and infrastructure that works for my university. I am excited to continue partnering in an innovative, technologically supported future and eager to see what the future holds for technology and higher education.