Klara Jelinkova


Klara Jelinkova is the Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer at Rice University. As CIO Klara is responsible for strategic technology issues ranging from governance, policy and resource allocation to protocol and organization. She represents the University's information technology interests regionally and nationally. Office of Information Technology, the University's principal information technology organization, reports to the CIO and provides support for Research and Research Cyberinfrastructure, Academic Technology support, Administrative System and Infrastructure support and Client Services. Prior to coming to Rice University Klara served as the Chief Information Technology Officer at the University of Chicago. Starting in 2010 she led the central IT organization - IT Services. Her accomplishments include the restructuring and realignment of the IT function and the implementations of Grants management system, Budget system, new HR/Payroll system, compressive data business intelligence and reporting facility, and other systems and services. She supported the global aspirations of UChicago by overseeing the technology implementation of centers in Beijing, Delhi and Hong Kong. Prior to coming to University of Chicago Klara served as the Assistant VP of Shared Services and Infrastructure at Duke University. She was also the interim CISO. Before coming to Duke, Klara spent 10 years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Klara serves on Boards several regional and national higher education organizations including the InCommon Steering Committee and the Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) Investor Council and LEARN. She also serves on several industry advisory boards.

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  • ER Department Editors
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