Kris Stewart


Kris Stewart, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, San Diego State University (SDSU) began her academic career studying Numerical Analysis. Since supercomputers provide the computing platform capable of solving the large numerical problems of science, it was a natural transition to work with the San Diego Supercomputer Center ( to develop curriculum for undergraduate study, beginning in 1991. At the forefront of the new field of Computational Science, she was invited, in 1997, to participate in the NSF sponsored National Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (NPACI)a 5 year NSF funded partnership, with her focus on developing undergraduate curriculum in Computational Science. A key member of the Education, Outreach and Training team of NPACI and the National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA), she has pioneered developing infrastructure within the University environment to enable faculty, from varied disciplines, to also join the national community of computational scientists. Her recent curriculum development has been 3d Game Programming using the Microsoft's XNA Game Platform. She sees this as an opportunity for CS undergrads to experience service learning, supporting education in disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Math, History and other Social Sciences. Dr. Stewart retired from SDSU June 2013 and is finishing up sponsoring graduate students who began research in developing Microsoft XNA tools to support university curricula. She is proud of May 2012 Frontiers in CS Education paper on the Materials Science curriculum that was enhanced by simulating their ME lab, please view