Kristen Bourgault


For the past eight years I have taught in the MS in Instructional Design program at Quinnipiac University. The courses I teach focus on a learner-centered approach to the instructional design process, collaboration in online spaces, and leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience. Prior to my current role, I spent fifteen years as an instructional designer, working closely with faculty, deans and provosts to develop and enhance enriching online learning experiences for students at colleges and universities across New England. My experience ranges from traditional universities adapting curriculum for the online environment, to for-profit universities developing new content to increase completion rates for non-traditional students. My reputation for working well with faculty to build a mutually respectful relationship where ideas can flow freely and courses are developed collaboratively has brought me great success in this field. My eyes are always open for new and innovative technology and pedagogy to make the online learning experience interactive, engaging, and effective.

EDUCAUSE Presentations