Kristen Eshleman


Kristen Eshleman is Vice President of Library and Information Technology at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She is guiding the college's digital transformation strategy and leads a merged division focused on technology, information, and data as drivers and instruments of excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship, and student success.

Before joining Trinity College, she served as Director of Innovation Initiatives at Davidson College, where she led innovation strategy out of the President's Office. At Davidson, she guided projects designed to respond to external change pressures and facilitated bottom-up, community-driven initiatives with the potential to lower costs, generate new revenue, or meet other strategic goals.

Kristen is a co-founder of HAIL (Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners), and has served on committees for LACOL (Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation), iLIADS (Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship), and EDUCAUSE.

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