Kristen Eshleman


Kristen Eshleman is Director of Digital Innovation at Davidson College. She leads an R&D initiative focused on the design and research of mission-aligned experimentation that reimagines the liberal arts for the digital age. Digital Innovation provides a framework for innovation that informs Davidson's digital strategy. In partnership with the Cynefin Center for Applied Complexity at the University of Bangor, she is also pursuing research on complex adaptive systems in higher education and how institutions are optimally structured to foster and account for emergent learning.

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  • ELI 2016 Annual Meeting Program Committee
    • ELI, 2015 - 2015
  • ELI 2015 Annual Meeting Program Committee
    • ELI, 2014 - 2014
  • ELI 2014 Annual Meeting Program Committee
    • ELI, 2013 - 2014