Kristofer Motto


Though he started his technology career at an IT call center later in life, while attending college, Kristofer had previously worked in a variety of sectors including utilities, irrigation systems, auto mechanics and food service. He even served as a store manager, a training manager and as a sales manager in different auto-related positions. After graduating with Highest Honors in Network Administration, he went on to serve as a team manager at Glendale Community College in Glendale, AZ. Later, he relocated to North Carolina and worked his way up to Director of Instructional Technologies and Digital Media Services at Central Piedmont Community College.

Kristofer has developed an integral department at Central Piedmont Community College from the ground up. His extensive knowledge of both creative services and AV infrastructure & control systems have advanced CPCC learning technology immeasurably. Among his many accomplishments, he has overseen the Innovations Center, established media capture, storage and distribution systems, a robust and sought-after exterior interactive kiosk system and has developed an all-new AV systems design and deployment process for their rapidly growing institution.

Kristofer is a proven leader in his field. He works with neighboring institutions and has provides insight and support to their initiatives without hesitation. His team at CPCC is admired for their efficiency and knowledge - but also for their dedicated support for one another. Kristofer’s belief in personal responsibility and decision-making authority at every level of a team, creativity and teamwork has permeated everything his department touches. The results have been inspiring.