Kyle Johnson


With over two decades of experience in higher education IT across five very different campuses in four states, I’m confident that whatever challenge brings institutions to me is one that I can help them overcome. I can even help find treasure in the depths of the ocean; and that’s not a metaphor – I’m legitimately SCUBA Skills International certified with over 350 dives.

When I’m not adventuring around my home in Honolulu, Hawaii, I am engrossed in higher education IT operations. In many of my past CIO roles I have been involved in planning activities that span the needs of higher education, including student affairs, business operations, Banner migrations, and even the development of a five-year IT plan used as the foundation for a $10 million federal Title III grant competition.

I have also had the pleasure of transforming my plans into realities with the partners I’ve worked with. I successfully brought together several academic units to not only identify how our central IT group could provide a common infrastructure of services for them, but also allow them to roll out new services without duplicating efforts and keeping the central IT team in the loop on conversations. Sound impossible? I promise, it’s not.

I know I’m not the only IT professional in higher education who has faced the challenge of justifying a learning management system update, and then performing the work of implementing it. I also know the feeling of having someone in your corner throughout the process. I’m ready to help assess institution's current systems and operations, identify the right software based on their unique needs, and help implement and maintain the new system across campus.

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