La Tonya Dyer


La Tonya Dyer is an Instructional Designer/Trainer for the Towson University Center for Instructional Advancement and Teaching (CIAT). In addition to working with faculty and academic departments with their instructional design, training and technology needs, she is also the Emerging Technology Series coordinator. A few of the emerging technologies that she enjoys researching are Multi-User Virtual Environments (Second Life), Social Networking (Facebook, Ning, etc.), grassroots video/audio (youtube, stickam, etc.) and virtual collaboration tools (Google Docs, Mindmiester, Diggo, Voicethread,etc.). La Tonya is currently enrolled in Towson University’s Instructional Technology Doctorate program and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (concentration in Information Systems Management) degree from Howard University School of Business; a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from UMBC; and a Master of Art degree in Instructional Systems Development from UMBC. She has five years of teaching experience in both the face-to-face and online environments. La Tonya brings with her a range of experiences and skills including web site maintenance and development, training, instructional technology support, new technology research, videography and multimedia development.