Larry Hincker


Larry Hincker has been with Virginia Tech since 1988 and served as head of University Relations since 1989.

Hincker is responsible for all communication activities of the university. This includes Media Relations, College Communications, Development Communications, Television Productions, Publications, Web Communications, Trademarks and Licensing, and the public radio station for Central and Southwest Virginia, WVTF.

He serves as the university spokesperson and senior communications official responsible for marketing, public relations, and institutional positioning, including the university-wide branding effort, Invent the Future.

He was the university spokesperson and public face of Virginia Tech as it dealt with the largest media gathering on any university campus after the horrific murders of April 16, 2007.

Before coming to Virginia Tech, Hincker worked 14 years in various corporate communications positions including manager of Public Information for a division of Westinghouse in Washington state and Employee Communications Manager for a division of Rockwell International. He was Visual Communications Manager for a Washington state utility.

Hincker studied architecture, worked as a corporate photographer, has a BA degree from Brooks Institute and an MBA from Virginia Tech.

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