Larry Newhouse


Larry Newhouse has been with Administrative Technology Services (formally ADP) at Iowa State University for 35 years. He was the lead analyst for the Financial Aid System from 1973 to 1996. Responsibilities included new system design, analysis, support, and maintenance. In 1992/93 he lead the development and implementation of the document image project in their office and continues involvement with imaging and report archiving on campus. In 1995 he was project leader for the AccessPlus system that started with 4 kiosks and today supports over 75 web applications. In 1996 he became team leader for the New Technology team. This team supports the website, AccessPlus, and is responsible for research, analysis, integration and knowledge transfer involving new development tools and technology opportunities. He also served on the CUMREC Communcations committee from 1998-2000 and chaired the committee from 2001-2004. He has continued his leadership role in Content Management and is leading the project to upgrade the ImagePlus solution to IBM's Content Manager v8.3 using Kofax Ascent Capture on the front end.

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