Laura Brewer


Dr. Laura C. Brewer is a Research Faculty member for the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Brewer is a sociologist who studies the impact of technology on teaching and learning. Her interests also include innovative research methodologies that utilize the Web and other innovative technologies for data collection and analysis. Before joining the University of Phoenix in 2013, Dr. Brewer lead research and evaluation teams at ASU Online and the Applied Learning Technologies Institute at Arizona State University to examine the best ways to design and promote online learning and effectively teach with technology. From 2003 to 2007, Dr. Brewer worked as a strategic consultant for SunGard Higher Education where she was responsible for developing, designing, and implementing evaluations of faculty, student and staff use of academic technologies at over 20 colleges and universities across the nation. Dr. Brewer is currently conducting research on the effective use of Web technologies (i.e. blogs, wikis, Google Apps, podcasts, social networking tools, etc...) in higher education.

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