Laurie Taylor


As the Libraries’ Senior Director for Library Technology and Digital Strategies, and Chair of the Digital Partnerships and Strategies Department, serves as the senior administrator for the areas of library technology services, digital strategies, partnerships, library publishing, and IT. Functions under her direction include the Library Technology Services Department, [email protected], Scholarly Communications, and Scholarly Repositories (including the Institutional Repository, [email protected]) ensuring alignment with the Smathers Libraries Strategic Directions and support for the Libraries’ collaborative partnerships, initiatives, and programs. Leads digital partnerships between the Smathers Libraries and partners across the university, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Collaborates to create and sustain supports for building collections, community, and capacity, and for all library technology needs and goals. Leads program development and manages program operations to leverage technology for mission and vision. Leads digital scholarship initiatives, including projects associated with the UF Digital Collections (UFDC), Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), the [email protected] and other digital collections and scholarship efforts hosted at UF, including support for digital scholarly publishing.