Larry Gallery


Lawrence G. Gallery, or Larry as he prefers, is the Director, Member Services for NYSERNet. In this role, he works primarily with K-20 institutions to connect them to the statewide research and education network, and to work with them to find solutions to their networking issues. He also works with higher educational institutions, community colleges, hospitals, museums, libraries and other non-profit organizations needing access to research and educational networks as well as Internet2. As a member of Internet2’s K-20 Advisory Committee, ISTE and NYSCATE, he has presented at many national conferences about the role of Internet2 in educational settings. Larry received his undergraduate degree from Utica College of Syracuse University and completed his graduate work at the University at Albany. In addition to NYSERNet, he is an adjunct member of The Sage Colleges Math and Computer Sciences Department and has extensive experience securing extramural funding for technology initiatives.