Lawrence Nunatcho


Lawrence Kambiwoa Nunatcho is a National Inspector of Pedagogy in charge of Informatics at the Ministry of Secondary Education, Cameroon, since 2005. Lawrence served as a Chargé d'Etude Assistant in the Computing Unit at the then Ministry of National Education since 2002. During this tenure of office, Lawrence worked in a team to help teachers teach computer science. In fact, Lawrence has co-authored a paper on networking schools in Cameroon and another on cyber education as a form of computer mediated education in Cameroon. Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science Education from the University of Regina in Canada and the Advanced Teachers Diploma in Mathematics Education from the University of Yaounde I in Cameroon. Lawrence is currently working to publish a paper on Integrating Information Technology in the School System of Cameroon. A paper to be presented at the SITE conference in Las Vegas, USA in March 2008. Presently, Lawrence is a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow focusing on Information Technology Policy and Management at the Penn State University. Serving people and making friends are my hobbies.