Lee Gildon


Lee Gildon is an innovative leader in the field of Information Technology and demonstrates success and creates high-impact strategies for implementing priority initiatives that directly impact the organization. Lee continually seeks to deliver value to his constituents by leveraging IT in new and innovative ways. Lee’s experience includes successful initiatives in both the private and the public sectors and across multiple industries. Mr. Gildon is currently at the University of Texas at San Antonio, working in the Office of Information Technology as their Chief Operating Officer. While at UTSA, his accomplishments include establishing a Project Management Office, redefining Customer Service provided to the university through Academic Technology, Student Labs, Telephone Services, and Support Services, and leading the first successful project designed to help improve student retention and graduation. These initiatives affect every faculty member, staff member, and student at UTSA and have been credited with improving the working and learning environments significantly. His most recent initiative was working with a consulting firm to define a functional model inclusive of all technology infrastructure, customer service, and online-education that will enable UTSA’s OIT department to reach Tier 1 status. As the OIT COO, Mr. Gildon works with a team of high-performing professionals that have responsibilities such as managing and ensuring the technical assets deployed for the university meet the needs of all students, faculty and staff. As UTSA progresses in efforts to be a Tier 1 university, Mr. Gildon has identified multiple opportunities to improve the operational environment and has a structured approach to ensure OIT meets the ever-evolving needs of the university. His private-sector experience ranges from Fortune 50 companies to privately-held multi-national organizations. He has successfully led organizations in Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Defense. Lee has become a leader in the Information Technology sector by continuing to raise the bar and ensure progress toward a defined set of goals. His contributions to the companies he has worked for, his consulting engagements, and his commitment to UTSA have had a significant impact on information technology and in how successful initiatives are identified and delivered. Mr. Gildon collaborates and internal and external partners and with public and private entities, to achieve business results and help drive UTSA to Tier One status through the strategic use of technology.