Lesley Blicker


Lesley Blicker is the Director of IMS Learning and Next Generation Technology at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. MnSCU is a consortium of 32 institutions (54 campuses), comprised of 25 two year colleges and seven state universities. MnSCU serves nearly 300,000 students each year. Lesley's portfolio includes learning technology planning and implementation, management of the MnSCU learning management system, D2L, project management, emerging and next generation technology, strategic planning, and large scale innovation and facilitation. She earned her Masters degree at Metropolitan State University, and decided to return there several years later as adjunct faculty. She caught the online teaching bug in 2003 and has been teaching online ever since. She has presented and published on the topic of quality and best practices in online education including: Blicker, Lesley & Keinath, Barbara (2003). Evaluating Quality in Your Online Course: A Course Review Rubric. Blicker, Lesley (2005). Evaluating Quality in the Online Classroom. Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Howard, Boetcher, et. al., editors. Idea Group Reference. You can view Lesley's presentations on the future of learning management systems and the landscape of learning technologies on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/blickele Other Web Sites: Lesley's eFolio site: http://lesleyblicker.efoliomn.com/ Lesley's Blog, the Minnesota Maven:http://lblicker.wordpress.com/