Lin Tang


Dr. Lin Tang is an experienced Higher Education executive, a Licensed Psychologist, and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), with expertise in Student Success, Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, Neuropsychology, and College Transitions. Dr. Tang has served in a leadership role at the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Office of Undergraduate Research at UMass Amherst for the past 16 years. Over the years, Dr. Tang transformed and grew the LRC to become the central academic and undergraduate research support unit for UMass Amherst, a unit that has been deemed critical to student success.

Dr. Tang also contributes to research and her area of expertise and scholarship is focused on transitioning students successfully into college, HyFlex academic support, academic coaching, and designing and implementing system level academic interventions founded on Universal Design Learning (UDL) principles.

Dr. Tang also teaches graduate courses for the Higher Education Program at UMass Amherst, most recently creating a Helping Skills for Professionals in Higher Education course - showcasing her unique blend of Higher Education experience with her background in psychology.

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