Linda Feng


Linda Feng is currently software architect with Unicon, a leading IT consulting, services and support provider specializing in open source for the education technology market.  Linda was formerly a Senior Product Manager with Instructure, focused on Platform Strategy and Standards. Linda spent over 20 years of experience in database server and applications product development at Oracle, most recently serving as Software Architect in Oracle's Student Products Division.  Early in her career at Oracle, Linda successfully managed the development of Oracle's Spatial Data Option technology, integrating it into the Oracle 7 server architecture. Her work with this project earned her a patent for multidimensional indexing techniques present in Oracle's Spatial Cartridge today. Linda has also guided numerous application development projects ranging from Oracle Public Sector Financials to Oracle Student Systems. In the last several years, she served as co-chair of the IMS Global Learning Initiative Learning Information Services Working Group, helping to bring a new Enterprise interoperability standard to market.

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