Linda Fleit


Formerly the president of Edutech International, Linda became a board member and vice president of EduServe when the two companies merged in 2008. Linda has been in the field of higher education information technology since 1970, having held positions at Tufts University, Boston College, the Harvard Business School, and the University of Hartford prior to founding Edutech International in 1985. In addition to her consulting work, Linda has also written extensively for publications such as CIO Magazine, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Bulletin of the American Association of Higher Education, and CAUSE/EFFECT magazine. For over twenty years, she also published and wrote many of the articles for The Edutech Report, a monthly newsletter for the higher education IT community. Among Linda'€™s most popular writings is a book chapter about information technology assessments and their role in strategic planning, "Institutional Information Technology Resource Assessment"€ in "Doing Academic Planning", published by the Society for College and University Planning. Linda's particular expertise is in information technology assessment, performance improvement projects, planning, organizational issues, the articulation of information technology needs, and information technology management. Linda spent 2009 on a year-long sabbatical in Namibia, where she taught math and computer science to secondary school students and assisted the Ministry of Education with information technology planning.

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