Lindsay Karp


A Senior Instructional Technologist for Faculty Technology Services at Fordham University. She manages the LC Faculty Technology Center, a popular computer lab where faculty can walk in to use a computer and/or ask for support. She is also one of the administrators for Blackboard Learn, Fordham's learning managing system, helping faculty and administrators manage their classes. Additionally, she is a resource to Customer Care for their student Blackboard issues. An experienced videographer, possessing a background with professional on & off location video recordings, and having overseen productions as a director and editor. She has advanced television studio experience as well as a background as a photographer and graphic designer. With this collection of media experience, she has been a foundation behind designing instructional technology's training materials, especially creating videos for our online programs. Functioned as the Instructional Designer for the online programs at GSSS, GSRRE, and PCS (formerly known as FCLS), having shepherded the beginnings of those programs, including creating much of the digital content and advising their faculty. With her vast experience from this online program, she is also a valued resource to others schools considering creating an online program. An esteemed faculty trainer, conducting one-on-one trainings upon request, as well as scheduled group trainings. Blackboard System Admin, overseeing: o Programming Blackboard modules (JavaScript, jQuery, html, css) o Oversees environment system setting and community role design o Username / course creation in accordance to Banner scheduling system. o Setting up tool availability o Branding, structure and community roles o Helping faculty with Bb grade center, assignments, tests, discussions, blogs, etc. o Working directly with Blackboard Managed Hosting on various troubleshooting issues o Tech Support for Faculty (and the Customer Care office) Providing general IT support for faculty and staff as well as the university Customer Care office, Law School Help Desk, and various IT managers Videographer o Filming, directing, and editing segments for faculty o Has created various advertisements for schools & departments (which are currently in use, online), introduction videos for each online program/courses, instructional video creation, and event filming. Graphic Designer o Created handout/ templates/ presentation/ icons/placeholders / posters / advertisements Media Conversion o Copying, editing, converting, compressing, uploading audio/video requests for Blackboard, YouTube, and DVD/CD/Datadisks for faculty, staff, and administrators o All media elements digitized/compressed/edited at Lincoln Center, including transferring of mini DV tapes to electronic format. Training Manager/Facilitator o Develop training curricula and implementation both for general faculty and specific schools FTC Lab Manager o Providing on the spot tech support, assisting faculty in the use of printers, scanners, and basic computer skills o Responsible for pc/mac images (environment presenting in FTC-LC), deepfreeze settings, updates, maintenance of computer/equipment; o Graduate assistant manager (approving timesheets for graduate assistants, etc.) Website Designer/Developer o Maintain and update the FTC and Blackboard sites o Possesses JavaScript/css/html experience to better advise faculty on these issues ------------------------------------------------- Statement: Having been fascinated by technology and film at an early age, it influenced my decision to pursue those educational paths majoring in Communications and Computer Science. Early on I set out working on creating my own films. I worked on other people's films & documentaries as cameraman, assistant director and editor, then my own as a writer, director, editor and producer. Career: As a Senior Instructional Technologist at Fordham University, I spent time developing technology resources, presented new and emerging technologies to faculty and staff members; taught faculty how to incorporate these new technologies in the classroom. Administered Blackboard Learning Management System, & provided Blackboard Technical Support for Fordham University. Created and designed media elements for online programs in the following schools: GRRE, GSE, FCLS, GSSS. Designed trainings and quick-guides for various programs supported in the Faculty Technology Centers New York City: Born & raised, the city has a heartbeat that energizes and inspires. Introduced to Performing Arts early on, I studied ballet, theater and was thrilled to discover swing dancing. Combining my interests I served as an Assistant Professor, in drama, dance and art at the Lincoln Center Institute & aided in developing a curriculum for NYC teachers to incorporate the arts into education.