Loanne Snavely


Loanne Snavely is Head of Library Learning Services at Penn State University Libraries where she leads the libraries’ initiatives in integrating library resources into course management systems and portals, teaching effectively with technology, online learning, library technology classrooms and the use of dynamically populated databases for sharing and tracking instruction. She has chaired the Institute for Information Literacy’s Executive Committee and the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Advisory Group. She has been a reference and instruction librarian at institutions large and small, private and public, for over twenty years. Loanne completed a Master of Librarianship degree at Emory University and a masters in art at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research focus has been teaching and learning in the library. She has authored and coauthored a number of publications including the Designs for Active Learning, “The Information Literacy Debate” and “The Learning Library.”


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