Luke Fernandez


Luke Fernandez is Manager of Program and Technology Development at Weber State University. Recent projects Luke has worked on include recoding Weber State's online testing software (, piloting an eportfolio system for general education assessment and Sakai advocacy. Luke received a doctorate in political science from Cornell University in 1997. His publications on university IT issues have appeared in numerous periodicals, including the Chronicle of Higher Education, AAC&U's Peer Review, Educause Quarterly, and the Association of Computing Machinery's Ubiquity Magazine.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • An Antidote for the Faculty-IT Divide
    • Article

    Do campus IT departments harm higher education? Wall Street Journal personal-technology columnist Walt Mossberg suggested as much during a speech he gave to high-level administrators at last June's Chronicle of Higher Education presidents' forum.

  • Managing Change on Campus: Revolution and Counterrevolution
    • Article

    In the world of university IT, change seems like a near constant. Workstations get upgraded from Windows 95 to 98 to XP (and maybe now to Linux), the course catalog and course registration move online, student information systems are migrated from one database to another, e-mail changes from Outlook to Novell, and the campus online learning management system moves from one vendor to another.