Luther Ragsdale II Ragsdale


Labeled by CruncBase as one of America’s top real estate coaches, Luther Ragsdale has been sharing his real estate expertise and insights for more than 25 years. He's been coaching future agents the basics of real estate and helping them to follow their dreams.

Ragsdale's highly effective approach, conversion and presentation systems have helped and continue to help thousands of people that come to his office in Atlanta, Georgia to attend his lectures. These classes are intended to improve students' skills in every aspect of the real estate field.

As a result of the success that follows him, Ragsdale has been featured in numerous real estate publications. He's been rated and reviewed on Zillow as one of the best in the business in Atlanta, Georgia, and has lectured at some of the largest real estate conferences and conventions. Luther entered the corporate word in 1988, and a few years later he was offered to host his own show “Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale", which aired for ten years. In addition to this, he is also an author of educational blogs and has written several bestselling books, in which he is inspiring people to create inner and outer wealth and helping them reach their full potential.

For over two decades he has been educating, entertaining and motivating audiences on real estate topics. Thanks to his real estate expertise and insights, Luther Ragsdale has been successfully guiding his company Platinum Real Estate through the important aspects of taking their real estate business to the next level. His trusted system combines proven strategies, execution, and mindset that provide real-success techniques. Luther's extensive grasp of technology and how it’s transforming the industry, has earned him an unparalleled reputation. Helping his clients find fulfillment in their work remains at the core of his teaching until this day.

Platinum Real Estate is a company whose main goal is providing consulting services, market research and staff training.

Luther Ragsdale meets his client's needs by offering them a market and public opinion research, introducing them to the latest trends on local and global markets, helps companies by offering projections of their business by positioning them on the market. At the end Ragsdale examines the outcome of his job and notes how much the clients are satisfied from his services.

On the real estate courses Luther Ragsdale coaches he applies modern methods and techniques of market research which are scientifically correct, have already been practically tested and are proven to be reliable. His coaching helps students in creating business strategies and reducing the risk with decision-making. For this Luther Ragsdale of Platinum Real Estate is considered among the highest rated real estate professionals on Zillow.

The lessons he teaches cover many fields related to real estate like: economy, banking, healthcare, tourism, catering and hospitality, information technology, marketing, human resources, media relations and PR, and others. For the students taking coaching courses at Platinum Real Estate, Luther Ragsdale developed a training program that will help them to collaborate with experts from the world of science, education and business.