Lynn Johnson


Lynn Johnson is the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where she leads the school's informatics activities including IT infrastructure (Customer Service Center, network and server infrastructure); electronic health record and related clinical technologies and applications; as well as the e-learning and digital communication environments. She is also responsible for services within the general categories of faculty recruiting, appointments, promotions, equity and compensation, grievances and other miscellaneous faculty human resources. As Associate Dean she facilitates and engages all members of the School’s community in setting priorities and measuring the effectiveness of strategies to accomplish these priorities. The School uses its informatics infrastructure and personnel to support school priorities as well as to create innovative efficiencies for the school’s operations. She is an avid supporter of the Internet2 NET+ cloud computing program. The U-M School of Dentistry is the sponsoring unit for the Internet2 NET+ project, ICE Health Systems, which is the NET+ program's first electronic health project. She has chaired and participated in numerous campus-wide IT governance committees at the University of Michigan, as well as serving as an informatics consultant to other universities. She has had NIH funding to develop innovative educational simulations to teach clinical problem-solving and research skills, and she is currently investigating the cost-effectiveness of haptic simulators to teach the tactile skills of dentistry. Lynn completed her Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Iowa.

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