Mac Devine


Mac has 19 years of experience with networking and the mainframe. The first 7 of those years were spent in mainframe software development where he served as chief programmer for several VTAM releases. He then transitioned into mainframe software design where he served as chief designer for several Communications Server releases and lead the design work for Sysplex networking and SNA over IP networking (Enterprise Extender). In 2000, Mac went on temporary assignment for 2 years to assist the new networking alliance teams (IBM/Cisco, IBM/Nortel) in the role of lead solutions architect. Upon conclusion of this temporary assignment, he started the Linux Networking Solutions team within Enterprise Platform Software and served as it's product director and chief architect. In 2005, Mac started the Enterprise Platform Software Archiecture Board and served as it chairman. The ESAB is now the System z focus area for the SWGAB and is responsible for the architecture, design and strategy of solutions which leverage IBM middleware on System z. In 2007, Mac started the z Innovation Factory team and currently serve as its chief architect. The z Innovation Factory team provided much of the support for the zHybrid and zSaaS/zCloud initiatives underway and is working with a variety of IBM products, ISVs and customers on innovation in the SaaS/Cloud space. In April 2008, Mac was appointed as an IBM Distinguished Engineer.