Maggie Beers


Dr. Maggie Beers is the inaugural Associate Chief Information Officer for Education at the University of California, San Francisco, where she provides a key role in providing UCSF’s educational programs with an optimal educational technology environment that meets the requirements of accreditation; helps to evolve and innovate pedagogy; delights UCSF students by facilitating quality learning; and gives all users an experience that is streamlined and intuitive. Working with stakeholders, Maggie manages enterprise education technology applications that enhance the health professions schools and graduate division, in all aspects of their education mission.

Previously, Maggie was at San Francisco State University, where she was the Executive Director for Academic Technology, the Assistant Vice President for Teaching and Learning, and led the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL). With 20 years’ teaching and 15 years' administrative experience in public post-secondary institutions in the US, Canada, Spain, and France, Maggie is passionate about providing faculty and students universal access to a diverse array of inclusive and empowering learning experiences and technologies. Maggie has extensive expertise in optimizing enterprise level services in online technology systems, desktop and classroom support, and video production and communications.

Her current research interests include designing and scaling equitable and inclusive learning spaces, organizational change management, and eliminating equity gaps through faculty design teams within communities of practice.

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