Mahendra Kumar


Mahendra Kumar is the Director of Finance and Facilities at the School of Art and Design at University of Michigan. He has an M.S. in accounting and M.B.A. in Finance from Eastern Michigan University and almost 20 years of experience in managing financial and facility resources in the university environment. Since joining the staff in 1986, Mahendra has involved in various aspects of education – serving the first 10 years at University of Michigan Hospitals and about 5 years in Institute for Social Research and last 5 years at the School of Art and Design. During this time he has been involved in numerous financial systems and information technology implementations that facilitate instruction, financial management and research at the university. In his current position at the School of Art and Design, he oversees all aspects of financial management, facility and infrastructure development and implementation of technology solutions related to instruction. His interests are finding innovative ways of implementing technology into instruction and overall management processes in the most cost effective manner.

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