Malcolm Brown


Joining EDUCAUSE in 2009, Malcolm Brown is Director of Learning Initiatives. In that role, he has initiated major EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) undertakings such as its Seeking Evidence of Impact program, the Learning Space Rating System, and the annual Key Issues survey. He oversees the 7 Things You Should Know About publication and the Transforming Higher Ed blog. He also sits on the board of directors of IMS Global. Prior to coming to EDUCAUSE, he was the Director of Academic Computing at Dartmouth College, overseeing a team active in instructional technology, research computing, classroom technology, and pedagogical innovation. During his tenure at Dartmouth, he worked actively with the ELI, contributing chapters to the EDUCAUSE eBooks, helping to plan focus sessions, and serving on the ELI Advisory Board. Prior to Dartmouth, he worked on initiatives in the humanities at Stanford University.

He has been a member of the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies committee and was the editor for the New Horizons column for the EDUCAUSE Review. He has served as a faculty member of the EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership program. He has been on the Advisory board for the Horizon Report since its inception in 2004 and served as Chair of Board of the New Media Consortium. Malcolm holds a pair of BA degrees from UC Santa Cruz; studied in Freiburg, Germany, on Fulbright scholarships; and has a PhD in German Studies from Stanford University. He has taught several academic courses on Nietzsche and maintains the Nietzsche Chronicle web site. He is a member of the Frye Institute class of 2002. He has given presentations in Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates; and has spoken most recently at the University of Notre Dame and at the AAMC, Eduventures, and Open Apereo conferences. He hosts the ELI webinar series, focus sessions, and presents on the EDUCAUSE Live! webcast.

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