Marcel Mutsindashyaka


Marcel is an accomplished IT executive who has garnered notable success and recognition in the technology field at a young age.

As a highly innovative and entrepreneurial leader, Marcel is deeply committed to advancing higher education through digital transformation and cutting-edge technology. Holding the distinguished position of Chief Information Officer in the USA, Marcel brings extensive expertise in cybersecurity, risk management, data governance, and innovation to his role.

Under Marcel's leadership as CIO, he has successfully implemented numerous technology transformation initiatives, demonstrating exceptional skills in leadership, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. His distinctive approach and visionary mindset set him apart in the industry.

Marcel's dedication to mentorship extends to young professionals in computer science, cybersecurity, and data science. Recognizing the critical shortage of skilled professionals in cybersecurity, he took the initiative to establish a mentorship program aimed at bridging this gap and promoting diversity within the industry. As a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion, Marcel consistently strives to advance these values within the technology realm.

Marcel's personal journey is marked by resilience and determination, having overcome the challenges of surviving the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. These experiences have fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise, motivating him to leverage technology as a transformative tool.

Continuously seeking innovative ways to harness the power of technology for societal improvement, Marcel firmly believes in its potential to enhance lives when used responsibly.

With multiple graduate degrees, industry certifications, and prestigious accolades such as being a former Fulbright Scholar at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Yale World Fellow, Marcel's academic and professional achievements are extensive. He has been honored by the renowned CDO Magazine "40 under 40: The Under 40 Security Leaders 2023" list, recognizing his influence and accomplishments as a cybersecurity leader under the age of 40. 

Marcel's expertise and impact extend further through his service on the boards of various organizations within the technology and education sectors, where he generously shares his knowledge and insights.