Marcus Taylor


Marcus G. Taylor


Greetings from Marcus Gregory Taylor, writer, event curator, instructional media specialist.  Marcus is a content creator that hopes bring people together professionally and personally; empowering individuals to use their skills and abilities for the betterment of all.  Marcus hopes that education will be vehicle the next generation uses to advance their natural abilities, especially those in urban communities.


Marcus is an employee at Georgia Technology Institute as an Instructional Media Specialist.  There he captures lectures and provides video conferencing platform for online students.  He also moderates video conference meetings for the online professional master’s program.


Marcus is also a student at Georgia State University.  He is seeking his second degree in English.


In addition, Marcus lends his video and audio expertise to New Life Community church as a volunteer with the K-12 students.  He also fills in teaching or leading small break out groups.


Marcus grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where his parents and older sister taught him why it is important to take ownership of things created.  That led to his interest in creative writing such as poetry and theatre.  Marcus also writes for a blogging site,  He has several created content for his poetry on Youtube.  He has podcast and several books and spoken word albums.


Outside of all of these things, he wants to be a better person.  His name is Marcus Gregory Taylor.