Marg Knox


Margaret (Marg) H. Knox is the Executive Director for the University of Texas System. She develops system-wide IT policy and strategic plans. Current key strategic areas include: wide area networking, security and identity management, contracting, and shared services as well as regulatory/compliance issues. The “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and finding ways to leverage the diversity, strength, breadth and depth of UT institutions to benefit multiple institutions is a primary job function of hers. Previously, Ms. Knox was a Director at both the University of Texas Austin and the University of Texas System Administration. She has been responsible for developing vendor agreements and is known for achieving aggressive pricing levels and excellent terms for UT. She has managed significant operational groups such as systems, software distribution and sales, operations, micro computing, help desks, advanced graphics, a hybrid computing lab, and an outsourced campus computer store. Ms. Knox has served on numerous committees. She is currently the chair of the Educause Software Licensing Group. She is a member and meeting convener for ITCHE, the IT group for System CIOs in Texas. She is a Board member and Secretary for LEARN, the Lonestar Education and Research Network. She is serving on vendor advisory groups such as Microsoft World Wide Licensing, Texas Technology magazine, and Blackboard BIE. She was President of DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society) and held various other key leadership positions in that 60,000 member organization. She has been secretary and treasurer of a local non-profit society and a director of a private foundation. Ms. Knox received her Bachelor of Arts (1970) and her Masters in Engineering (1976) from the University of Texas at Austin.

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