Mia Lindegren


Mia Lindegren is head of unit for Uppsala University Learning Laboratory (ULL) and responsible for in house training and work with spreading knowledge about how IT can be used in activities at Uppsala University, e.g. in teaching and research. Mia Lindegren is responsible for three of the University's IT resources: learningplatform, e-meeting tool and the Student Portal (built in open source software) Mia Lindegren is also the principal administrative officer for the Virtual Information Technology Faculty, whose task it is to coordinate the activities between the IT- departments as well as all other activities in the field of information technology for Uppsala University. This organization takes initiatives of new cross-disciplinary programs in which information technology can be used as an important component. Mia Lindegren has coordinated several multi-disciplinary proposals in the university, and she has also been a project manager for a project in tele-medicine which involved many partners, including researchers, medical staff at the hospitals as well as companies. Mia Lindegren’s background is as a project manager in IT, a journalist and an information officer.