Mark Olson


Mark Olson has joined IBM as an Associate Partner, with responsibilities for Higher Education Strategy and a primary focus on Open Source initiatives, and Higher Education Business and Administration. Mark's professional background, prior to joining IBM, includes three years at NACUBO, where he served as EVP and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to NACUBO, Mark worked for several years in business development at Sallie Mae, where he served as Vice President, and prior to that, he was the Deputy Vice President for Student Administrative Services at Columbia University in the City of New York. For over a decade, Mr. Olson served in a variety of positions at the University of Southern California, where he led their student information systems development efforts, worked in early enrollment management initiatives, and supported their student financial aid efforts. Mark is an active professional, with a long list of publications, speaking engagements, and he is the author of two books published by NACUBO, E-Business in Higher Education: What you Need to Know, and The Business Value Web.

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