Mark Lumsden


As the CIO, I work to lead the development and the overall direction for technology through strategic planning and evaluation by:

- providing institution-wide leadership and direction in the management and operation of shared information services across the University.

- leading, guiding, and overseeing the institutional information technology budgeting process, and provides leadership in cost and productivity analysis.

- leading the process of determining the priorities, projects, and future directions of the University's IT functions.

- overseeing the department to integrate and coordinate the development and implementation of IT programs across the University, to achieve maximum institution-wide efficiencies and synergies.

- coordinating the identification and prioritization of required IT initiatives among the University's various operating components.

- providing direction and leadership in the review of present IT systems and methods, and in the formulation of new and revised systems.

- developing and maintaining an Information Security program for the University. p

- roviding advice, guidance, and policy recommendations to the President’s Council and other departments on IT related matters.