Mark Beck


Administrator, manager, conference speaker, moderator, consultant, teacher, and author of articles on planning and management with 30 years in public and private higher education: planning, community relations, process redesign, policy development, capital budgeting, project management, and sustainability. Presentations and webcasts related to a variety of management topics, and radio and TV interviews, as well as commentary for newspapers and professional journals. Taught as an adjunct instructor in geography, environmental planning and economics. YALE UNIVERSITY Headed the planning office supporting Yale’s ambitious rebuilding program. Prepared a ten year capital program focused on phased renovation of our historic campus buildings. Worked to help establish mutually supportive policies and cooperative agreements with the City of New Haven. Chaired the internal committee rewriting the policy and program guide that coordinated the efforts of finance, public safety, facilities, project management and human resources. UNIVERSITY OF UTAH Director of facilities planning, guided a major campus-wide long-range development planning effort, including preparing facilities for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Spoke at 1996 Symposium on Olympic Villages in Lausanne, Switzerland. Led an effort to evaluate and redesign business processes across all sectors of campus administrative services. Fostered programs to involve the greater community as participants in university planning that are used as benchmarks in resolving town/gown conflicts. UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF MARYLAND Currently, director of capital planning. Multiple roles in developing system-wide capital budget, facilities management, long-range planning and budgeting, and management of project financing and approval processes. Implementation officer for the University System’s environmental sustainability initiative, working with institutions and state agencies to meet ambitious environmental goals. Specialties Long-Range Development Planning Town-Gown Relations Administrative Process Management and Redesign Sustainability and Green Building Capital Budgeting